What is Trade Finance?

Switzerland and greater Geneva area, the Global hub for Commodity Trade Finance

The greater Geneva area (including Canton of Vaud) has become a pivotal location for commodities since the middle ages due to its location. We estimate 400 companies to be present in this part of Switzerland. It includes commodities merchants, shipping and logistic companies, insurance, brokers and commercial banks.
How it works

Traders in Geneva manage the delivery of a wide array of XXX and semi transformed commodities across the globe without their transiting through Switzerland. They raise financing and manage the risks when coordinating shipments.

The main global hub

Grains Trading
Coffee Trading
Sugar Trading
Petroleum Trading


A major sector in Geneva…

number of companies active in the domain of Trade Finance in the canton of Geneva.
number of direct jobs linked to Trade Finance
contribution to the Canton’s tax revenues by Trade Finance companies
the portion of Geneva’s GDP linked to Trade Finance

…and in Switzerland

to 25
number in CHF Bios of gross tax revenue linked to Trade Finance between 2002 and 2017
the portion of Swiss GDP linked to Trade Finance
the number of container ships in Swiss hands
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