Bridging the gap between borrowers & lenders in the natural resources industry

Founded in 2004, we are a team of former Swiss trade finance bankers, commodity traders, insurance and surveyors, all coming from the commodity industry.

15 years track record of arranging tailor-made financing for our clients


Founded in 2004 by Dimitri Rusca of Swiss origin, we are a team of former trade finance bankers (mainly International first class banks based such as Bnp Paribas, Credit Suisse, ING) and from large Swiss commodity traders , insurance and surveyors, all coming from the commodity industry.

Since 15 years, SCCF raise financing for small to mid size SME. Mainly active in production, export, import or distribution of natural resources throughout the world.

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Corporate Governance

We follow industry standard compliance practices and have implemented robust Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AMLA) processes.


SCCF act as an investment advisor for a family of regulated investment funds, each managed by licenced asset managers in their respective jurisdictions.

What we do

We originate and monitor commodity trade finance transactions for Horizon Capital.
We also raise bilateral credit facilities as well as syndicated credit facilities and private placements for larger commodity players in various forms :


Based on collateral of the goods, we can finance imports and exports of commodities for companies based in Switzerland, Europe, Asia or North America. Commodities we finance are exclusively natural resources (such as oil derivatives, softs commodities or base metals).

Pre-Export Financing (PXF)

Pre-export finance (PXF) is an established structure used to provide funding to commodity producers & exporters which have a demonstrated capacity to produce & export commodities.
PXFs can be used to fund either capital investment needs (capital expenditures, acquisitions) or working capital needs of commodity producers & exporters.

Infrastructure and Asset Financing

SCCF can provide tailor-made solutions to finance your organic growth (capital expenditure) or external growth (acquisitions) based on the value of your assets as well as on the level of your current and future cashflows.

Borrowing Base Financing

Borrowing Base is a type of credit facility made available to commodity traders, distributors, refiners and bunkerers to finance their working capital needs, based on a portfolio of current assets pledged in favour of the lenders.

Reserve-Based Lending

Reserve based lending (RBL) is a type of credit facility sized on the basis of the net present value of projected cash flows generated by underlying oil & gas assets. The proceeds from the sale of oil & gas produced by these assets are used to collateralize and repay the credit facility.
RBLs allow oil & gas producers to monetize the future cash flows of their assets to fund organic or external growth.

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